The Many Bells And Whistles On Great Magento 2 Contact Forms

There’s a lot of things that you can do with the newest Magento plugin. When you think that the extension was great before, then you’d be happy to know that it’s even better now. You can expect a lot of new and improved features that will help you with creating custom contact forms.

You can customize your contact forms with whatever data you need to add in. Contact forms can help your site a lot as it serves as the channel wherein your customers can talk to you. Magento makes it easier for you to incorporate the contact forms on your site even if you don’t have expert coding experience.

Features To Look For In Magento’s New Extension
With the M2 Contact Form Extension, you can experience a simple drag and drop form builder. This is very user-friendly and lets anyone create even advanced contact forms without any problems. There is also a wide selection of forms that you can choose from. You are able to customize depending on the needs that you have for your site.

Not only that but the extension also has integrated form validation & spam protection. This makes sure that your contact forms are correctly filled in. There are also two integrated captcha functions so that your site is protected from spammers and those who use it for abuse.

Is There More From The Magento Extension?
The themes are something that you need to look out for in this extension. You can find 18 amazing themes which have their own distinct style. You can use the most popular web designs on your own website and you won’t have any trouble in looking for the best theme in the shop.

You also shouldn’t worry about using the forms in any device since the new extension enables them to look great on any device. The contact forms are also 100% AJAX-based meaning that the pages don’t need to reload once the form is submitted.